Lovelys Questions to Jlove :) answer by Jlove herself :)

Will you ever star in another ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’? -Chris Elliott

No I think they are done. Would be fun though.- JLH


Would you ever consider touring just because you’re you? I would be there in a
heartbeat! ;) -Danielle McManus

I would love that.-JLH


Jennifer, if you could, would you do a tour to meet all your Lovelys? and you would like
to have a younger sister? what would be the things that teach her?-Livia Ferri

I would be happy to go and meet all my lovelys!-JLH


Will you ever come to Minnesota?-Sarah Olson

Not sure. But hope to.-JLH


I was just wondering why Melinda last name was gordon and not clancy if she and
jim were married? And also do u know when the series The Client List is set to
air on lifetime? (:-Stacey

The Client List will air in April!-JLH


Hello jennifer ♥ my name is itsi cardenas, i live in mexico and i want to ask you…
what´s the most interesting thing that has happened to you in your hole

My Job is interesting everyday.-JLH


What is your all time favourite song you recorded and movie stared in?- jonathan stamp

The Audrey Hepburn Movie & Barenaked.


My question for is, Are you recording any new music or are you planning
releasing another album sometime in the future?-Will

Not recording at the moment, but hopefully soon.


HEY JENNIFER! Can I get a lovely shoutout msg?! Remember us Lovelys Love you
Unconditionally! XOXO -BREE

I love my Lovely’s !-JLH


What or who is JLoves inspiration that keeps her going no matter what? Thank youuu-Adileen Enriquez

My mom. She inspires me everyday-JLH


Hi! I’d like to ask JLove which is her favourite perfume at the moment? Thank you very much for the opportunity!! :) Happy New Year! Betty

Tom Ford’s Jasmin Rouge-JLH